CC # cat (;date(s)) ¦ denomination (;(mint or press))  ¦ (material) specs ¦ (reference(s) (;infos)
 ¦  CC:=two-letter Country Code defined by ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
 ¦  cat:=(author-/region-id(.))(region-/author-id(.))cat-nr.(mint- or press-id)(:-/ sub-cat- or specimen-nr.)
 ¦  date:=year((-)mm((-)dd)) defined by ISO 8601 and/or (/ end date or A.nno)
 ¦  specs:=((water mark nr.));(control nr.;)(weight;)(shape;) size(W x H mm) or diameter(*T>2 mm)
materials (based on IUPAC definitions)
Au:Gold=Or (Aurum)Ag:Silver=Silber (Argent·um)
Cu:Copper=Kupfer=Cuivre (Cuprum)Al:Aluminum
Cr:ChromiumFe:Iron=Eisen (Fer·rum)
Pb:Lead=Blei (Plumbum)Sn:Tin=Zinn=Étain (Stannum)
Ni:NickelSb:Antimony=Antimon (Stibium)

BR:Brass=Messing=Laiton (Cu66-90Zn34-10)BZ:Bronze (Cu88-95Sn12-5)
BL:Billon (CuAg)AZ:Aluminium bronze (CuAl)
NG:Nordic gold (Cu89Al5Zn5Sn)CN:Cupronickel=Kupfernickel (Cu70-95Ni30-5[Fe])
NB: Nickel Brass (Cu70-81Zn24-10Ni6-9)NZ:Nickel silver=Neusilber (Cu45-65Ni25-10Zn20-25)
MZ:Manganese Bronze (Cu77Zn12Mn7Ni4)CAN: Copper Nickel Alumin(i)um (Cu92Al6Ni2)
EL:Electrum=Elektron (AgAu)ST:Steel=Stahl (FeC)
PW:Pewter=Hartzinn (ZnSbCu[Pb])WM:White metal=Weißmetall
GM:Gun metal=RotgussAE:Copper Alloys (aes) ⇒ BZ

xx[yy]:xx clad¦plated yy(●) ¦ (◾)coin with centered hole (circle¦square)
BF:BR[Fe]=BR clad¦plated FeNF:Ni[Fe]=Ni clad¦plated Fe
Ni(BR):Ni ring with BR center(Au)Ag:Au insert on Ag coin

BC:baked ClayVC:Vulcanite=Ebonite
FR:fiber ¦ fibre=FaserPW:Plywood=Sperrholz
LN:Linen=Flachsfaser (Leinen)SH:Sheepskin=Lammfell
WL:Suede=Veloursleder (Wildleder)LE:Leather=glattes Leder
PZ:Porcelain=Porzellan=PorcelainePA:Paper board=Pappe
PR:Paper=Papier defaultLP:Laid paper=Büttenpapier
Txx:timbre-monnaie: xx = bu(ilding), fi(gure), nu(mber) or sy(mbol)
list of geometric shapes (based on K. Smith definitions)
(sharp or slightly round corners by default)
Rd. [c¦s] Round,Circle default for coins, tokens etc.Ov ¦ OV ¦  Oval,Ellipse
Tr. Triangle  [r] 🛆Dd. [h¦r] Diamond,Rhombus
Tp TrapezoidPl Parallelogram
Ob ¦ OB ¦  Oblong,Rectangle papermoney defaultSq. Square  [r]   [c¦l¦s] 4C 4L 4S
Pe. [l] 5  Pentagon=5 sidesHx. [p¦r] 6  Hexagon=6 sides
Hp. [r] 7  Heptagon,Septagon=7 sidesOc. [c¦r] 8  Octagon=8 sides
Nn. [r] 9  Nonagon,Enneagon=9 sidesDc. [r]10 Decagon=10 sides
Hd. [r]11 Hendecagon=11 sidesDo. [c¦r]12 Dodecagon=12 sides
Pg. [r]15 Pentadecagon=15 sidesHg. [c]16 Hexadecagon=16 sides
Dt. [c]32 Dotriacontagon=32 sides ..p.. as number of spokes
 ..r.. with rounded corners ..l.. with large cut out or clipped corners
 ..n.. with cut out corners ..s.. with scrolled sides
 ..c.. with curved sides or scalloped ..h.. with leveled top and bottom cut outs
 color codes (based on ISO IEC 60757)
code(s)examplecolor namecolor no.   code(s)examplecolor namecolor no.
    ·Gl▐████▌goLd,doré     ·Si▐████▌Silver,argenté
  0·Bk▐████▌blacK,noirRAL 9005   1·Bw▐████▌broWn,brun RAL 8003
  2·Rd▐████▌Red,rougeRAL 3000   3·Og▐████▌Orange RAL 2003
  4·Ye▐████▌yellow,JauneRAL 1021   5·Gn▐████▌greeN,vertRAL 6018
  6·Bu▐████▌blUe,bleuRAL 5015   7·Vt▐████▌Violet(t)RAL 4005
  8·Gy▐████▌greY,grisRAL 7000   9·Wh▐████▌white,blanCRAL 1013
    ·Pi▐████▌Pink,roseRAL 3015     ·Tq▐████▌turQuoiseRAL 6027
    ·Ta▐████▌tAn     ·Ol▐████▌olIv(e)
  1-letter code     ·Mcmulticolor

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